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Your MHL card is good to borrow e-books and e-audiobooks from across the state!  You may browse other library networks' collections in a web browser or from the Libby app on your mobile device or tablet.

The other MA library networks are: Boston Public Library, CLAMS, CW MARS, Minuteman Library Network, NOBLE, Old Colony Library Network, and SAILS.

Option 1: In a web browser, go to the Overdrive website, then click on "Partner Libraries" in the uppermost menu, then select a library from this list to search their collection.  To borrow from any of these partner libraries, log in as a Merrimack Valley Library Patron with your MHL card number.

Option 2: Add multiple libraries and cards in Libby. (It will be the same card number, your MHL card number, but you'll have to enter it again for each library network you add.)

  1. Tap the Libby icon in the upper-left hand corner of the screen.
  2. After tapping the Libby icon, a menu will open. Scroll down until you see “Add a Library.” Tap on “Add a Library.”
  3. Search for the name of the library you want to add by typing in the box. Then click the appropriate result. Your MHL card is good at all of the networks in Massachusetts. You can search by network name or by city name.
  4. Once you've added it, you may have to tap on the Libby icon again, as you did in the first step. Now, when you scroll down, you'll see the networks you have added. To add your MHL card for these libraries, tap on "See Library Cards."
  5. Tap on “Add another library card” or “Add library card.”
  6. Tap “I'm visiting from another library.”
  7. Scroll down until you find Merrimack Valley Library patrons—tap that option. Then enter your MHL card number.
  8. You can toggle between libraries at any time by tapping the Libby icon. Then tap the library you want to search, and this will bring you to the search page for that library. You will be able to borrow or request items.